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welcome to zyncc. your online software administration.

Zyncc is a secure online platform through which we provide you with all the required information to manage your software licenses and subscriptions in an efficient and transparent way.

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Reduce software costs

Stop buying what you don’t need, make better allocations, and optimize licenses.

Facts at your fingertips

A transparent and structured software administration plus updates on changes and how these affect your organization. 

Avoid financial risks

An up-to-date software administration and knowledge of the latest vendor conditions helps you stay compliant and be prepared for an audit.

‘Through our partnership with B-lay, Accenture is able to leverage products like Zyncc, that can transform contract and entitlement data into real financial benefits.’

Andre Guerreiro, managing director at Accenture
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Key features


Track your software purchases and contracts in such a way that they form a readable central archive.


Build and maintain a software entitlement administration of licenses and subscriptions.


Gather business intelligence on software spending through the management dashboard.


All relevant changes are actively monitored for you.

zyncc active monitoring.

making your work so much easier.

How do you keep track of all external events, such as software vendor mergers or court rulings and changes in online terms such as new policies or updated terms & conditions… and determine whether they affect your organization?

With Zyncc there is no longer a need to worry about that!

Our specialists actively keep track of all external events and online terms and will inform you of any changes impacting your organization.

how it works


Hand over your current software administration.


Keep us in the loop about your future software purchases.


We manage your administration and monitor relevant changes for you.


You receive a new status overview periodically.

From zyncc we can upload your latest entitlements into your favorite SAM tool

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powered by B-lay

Zyncc is powered by B-lay, a specialist in software license management that provides services around software compliance, software audits, and insight in software spending. Our services offer organizations worldwide insight into the risks associated with software licenses, help prevent license compliance issues and help create considerable cost savings by optimizing their licensing position.

B-lay was founded in 2008 and has offices in the Netherlands, Romania and the US.